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Boat Insurance for South Carolina

Upstate’s Choice Insurance now offers the options to properly insure your boats. Everything can typically be insured over the phone and will get you covered before hitting the water this year. Some boaters typically try to insure there water craft under the homeowners policy which today is not the best way to insure your boat. If you had an incident requiring a claim then it looks like a homeowners claim and any agent in South Carolina will be able to tell you that a homeowners claim is not a good thing to have. Home insurance companies are dropping customers due to claims everyday so adding a boat claim is never a good idea. Also, the coverage that you would receive on a typical homeowners policy would not cover nearly what should be covered on a boat. For example the typical homeowners policy covers the boat for actual cash value which may not cover what you have in the boat to replace it. The other things that covering your boat on your homeowners policy that are not covered include fishing equipment, personal effects, and water sports liability. Upstate’s Choice Insurance offers coverage that will not only cover your boat for either an agreed on amount or replacement cost, it will cover important things like your fishing gear up to $10,000. Which for any serious fishermen this is an important coverage to have added to your boat insurance. Other things can be covered for example pet coverage if your animal was hurt while on the water craft, and towing reimbursement if you were to break down on the water. Give us a call today to let us explain how we can insure your boat 864-845-7500.