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Don’t Forget To Winterize Your Home

Recently temperatures across the state have been hitting all time lows. Unfortunately, the low temperatures increase the risk for the pipes in your home to freeze or even bust. We recommend that you follow these simple steps to help prevent damage to your home.

Step #1


Locate your water shut off valve in the event of a pipe busting. This is usually located near the road and will have a lid marked for water. We recommend that you know where this is and are familiar with how to shut the water off in case of an incident.

Step #2


Cover all outside faucets with winter covers. In the south it is sometimes overlooked due to the warm days but with cold nights you could end up with costly repairs. This fix typically cost between $5 and $10 for a good insulator for your outside faucet.

Step #3

water leak

Simply check under your bathroom sinks and around the outside of your home for minor leaks in plumbing. Remember that when a pipe freezes it expands and will take a minor leak and create a big problem.

Step #4

service professional


Know when you are over your head. If you are having HVAC or plumbing problems sometimes it is better to call in the professionals to handle it. It will cost but you have the added benefit of knowing it is fixed right to begin with. Before allowing any company in your home always make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. The last thing you would want is to have company show up and they steal or worse create a bigger problem which burns down your home or floods it. Also, read online reviews to make sure you are dealing with a company you can trust.


Follow these simple steps this year and cut down the risk of having issues. If you are unsure if your insurance covers certain damage due to water or other home items. Give us a call for a free review of your homeowners insurance policy.