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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance companies do you represent?

With being a independent insurance agency we represent several insurance companies. Progressive, Safeco, Greenville Casualty, Assurance America, Insuremax, Gainsco, Dairyland, Foremost, American Modern, Aegis, Lloyds of London, Scottsdale and more. We believe in offering several options for your insurance needs to save you time and money.

What is SR22?

An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance that proves you carry car insurance. Some people refer to it as SR 22 car insurance, or a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR) filing. The SR22 simply states you’re meeting your state’s car insurance coverage requirements for driving over a specified amount of time.

Who needs an SR22?

If you have been arrested or convicted to one of the following you may be required to carry an SR22:
Driving with under the influence DUI, DWI, DUAC
At fault in an accident while driving without insurance
Multiple traffic offenses specific to your state
Most any suspension related to a traffic violation

Do I need renters insurance?

While not required otherwise, anyone renting any type of residence long-term—be it an apartment or single-family home—should strongly consider purchasing a renters insurance policy. For most tenants, renters insurance is an invaluable tool to protect against potentially devastating financial consequences.

What should renters insurance cover?

A renters insurance policy is a group of coverages designed to help protect you and your belongings. A typical renters insurance policy includes liability coverage, protection for your belongings and coverage for additional living expenses, should the home you’re renting become temporarily uninhabitable.