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Need Non Owners SR22 Insurance?

Are you in need of a cheap rate for SR22 insurance? If you have never been required to purchase SR22 insurance before it can be very confusing of exactly the type of coverage to purchase to get your drivers license back effective. There is 3 questions that will determine whether you can purchase non owners sr22 insurance.

1. Do you own any other motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle?

2. Does any resident of your household own any motor vehicle other than a motorcycle?

3. Do you customarily operate any motor vehicle that is not furnished by your employer?

If you answer no to all of these questions then non owners SR22 insurance is right for you. This type of coverage will cover you if you are driving someone elses vehicle and end up having an accident. Due to the nature of your driving record or what caused you to carry SR22 your friends car insurance will not cover you as a driver. That is when you can tell your friend I have it covered my agent at Upstate’s Choice Insurance has got me covered. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote feel free to call us today.