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Single Pay Whole Life Insurance For Children

Having a child is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. The last thing anyone wants to think about it what if something happens. It is time to look at the facts sometimes bad things just happen. Upstate’s Choice Insurance recommends buying life insurance as soon as possible for many reasons. 1. you plan for the kids future in case of tragedy 2. If they are diagnosed with a condition in the future they can not be denied if you roll the current policy. The best policy to buy when a child is born is a single pay whole life policy. For a female less than 1 year old it would be $565.00 one payment for $10000 worth of insurance for the rest of there life. This is not a term life policy it is a whole life policy with one payment. This is for the grandparents to think about how much stuff will you buy a grand child? It typically be more than $565.00 worth of things before the kid is even born. Now think if you can buy them a $10,000 item for only $565.00 dollars. If you are interested in getting a detailed quote on life insurance for your kids or grandkids give us a call today.