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What does it mean to exclude a driver from your insurance?

excluded driverLately this has become a more common thing being done in the auto insurance world by some big companies so they can try to hold on to your insurance policy. Before you make the decision to exclude a spouse or a child from your insurance you need to know the facts. If someone says we cannot insure your family with your spouse as a drive for example it is usually best to switch all of your vehicles to a company who can insure them properly.

If you chose to exclude someone from your policy honestly they live in the house and have access to that car and probably will drive it occasionally. Lets say they have a accident in the vehicle while driving excluded from that cars auto insurance policy. The company who you have it insured with will deny the claim and you can get a lawyer but still there is nothing that can be done because you excluded them from the insurance. Basically in short you exclude them and they drive the car you are at risk of paying for damages to your own car and someone else. If there is injuries in the accident caused you could easily lose your home and all of your valuables that you have worked your entire life to acquire.

At Upstate’s Choice Insurance we understand things happen and some people have bad driving records we shop the insurance for you to get the best rate and properly insure you. If you have questions about why your agent excluded your family members give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist in any way possible.