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SC Renters Insurance is coming!

Upstate’s Choice Insurance is currently working out the details of its renters insurance product. The page is there and it still currently being developed to offer renters insurance online. Upstate’s Choice Insurance will insure renters insurance for the state of South Carolina and will have the ability to be purchased online. Check back with us over the next few weeks to get a quote on your renters insurance. If you are unsure if you are in need of renters insurance ask yourself a few questions.

1. How much does all of my stuff cost. (including clothes, electronics, and furniture).
The average apartment in South Carolina typically has around $20,000 worth of items that people have accumulated over their life. If you were to have a fire and lost everything could you afford to replace all of this at one time? This is the main reason to carry renters insurance for your apartments and homes.

2. What happens if my friend gets hurt on my property?
Most people never think about this when renting a place in South Carolina. Depending on your lease situation if someone was to get hurt at your house then you are responsible for the injuries. For example you are having a BBQ at your home you are renting and your friend shows up and breaks their ankle. They then call a lawyer and decide to sue you for $20,000 to cover the expenses from the hospital and according to your lease you are responsible. Do you have the money to cover a loss like this? The minimum at Upstate’s Choice Insurance we recommend to carry is $100,000 worth of liability. This is required my most corporate owned apartment complexes in South Carolina.

These two reasons are the most important when thinking why do I need renters insurance. If you think that you can rent a property and there insurance will cover your items if a fire or any other natural disaster happens you are wrong. Feel free to call with questions concerning what all renters insurance will cover in the state of South Carolina.