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SC Renters Insurance

Like all other types of insurance offered people have come to believe that they are not fully in need of certain types. The biggest misunderstanding is renters insurance in South Carolina. The easiest way to think about renters insurance is it is just like homeowners insurance except you are not insuring the home. Your personal property is still valuable and you are responsible if something happens at the property such as injury. Some of the biggest misconceptions about renters insurance is that the land lord has insurance and will cover my property. If you have ever been told this while signing a lease then you were lied to by someone. The land lord does carry insurance in most cases but it is to insure there property structure it does not cover contents. SC Renters Insurance exist to protect renters from lose in the case of a fire, water, or liability claims. Renters Insurance may be one of the cheapest forms of insurance that you can carry to protect such important items. If you have more questions about the cost of renters insurance in South Carolina or would like to get a quote then give us a call today.