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Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

It’s that time of year. Summer is slowing down and the kids are back in school — but the daylight hours are still long and the weather temperature is hot. Vacations have come and gone, and we’re gearing up to tackle the fall season. It’s easy to feel down about the end of that summer ease and relaxed nature, so here are a few ideas to help you celebrate the last few weeks of this season. It doesn’t take too much effort to say goodbye to all that sunshine in style!

12 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

1. Grab the kids (or adults!) and go for a night swim.

2. Enjoy a picnic dinner at the park.

3. Watch a movie under the stars.

4. Wake up early and enjoy a morning stroll around the block.

5. Host an impromptu barbecue on a school night.

6. Diffuse your favorite summer essential oil blend.

7. Bring the sunshine indoors with a new plant.

8. Play Capture the Flag outside with your neighbors.

9. Organize a social media detox for the whole family.

10. Take a late-afternoon nap.

11. Try a new local restaurant. 

12. Make a luscious body butter to repair summer skin.