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Category: Everyday Tips

National Beach Day

August 30th is National Beach Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the beauty of beaches and the importance of keeping them clean. Beaches are a vital part of our ecosystem, providing habitat for a variety of marine life and offering us a place to relax, swim, and play. In recent years, there has been growing […]

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Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

It’s that time of year. Summer is slowing down and the kids are back in school — but the daylight hours are still long and the weather temperature is hot. Vacations have come and gone, and we’re gearing up to tackle the fall season. It’s easy to feel down about the end of that summer […]

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Homework Station Ideas

For many families homework sets off everything from minor squabbles to verbal battles between parents and children. Whining, stalling, yelling, bribing. They’ve all been done to avoid homework or to ensure that it gets done. A better homework routine could start with a better place to get the work done. As a parent, where do […]

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How to Register a Vehicle in SC

If you are a new resident of South Carolina or if you have just purchased a new vehicle, you will need to register your vehicle with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Here are the steps on how to register a vehicle in SC: Here are some additional things to keep in mind […]

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Greenville County Back to School: What to Know

The new school year is just around the corner, and parents in Greenville County are starting to get ready. Here is a look at what you need to know about back to school in Greenville County: I hope this information helps you get ready for the new school year in Greenville County! Here are some […]

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